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Buying magic mushrooms online is easier than it’s ever been. If you’re getting tired of texting every dealer in your contacts to see if they have a hookup for psychedelic mushrooms, it’s time to get your fix online. With more choice, stellar customer service, and shipping straight to your door through trackable Canada Post, you’ll be sorry you didn’t buy shrooms online earlier.

Are mushrooms legal in Canada?

Mushrooms are, unfortunately, illegal in Canada. Technically the mushrooms themselves are not illegal, but the psychedelic substance that they contain, psilocybin, is. This means magic mushrooms used to be difficult to find, as they’re counted as a schedule III drug in Canada under the federal Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

How are Mushrooms sold online?

Mushrooms in Canada are sold online as they technically operate in a legal ‘gray area’, similar to many online marijuana dispensaries. Schedule III means that it is illegal to buy, sell, and possess magic mushrooms. However, as they’re relatively harmless in the sense that you can’t really ‘overdose’ on them, most authorities turn a blind eye to their sale and possession.

Canadian authorities have specified that they’re focused on tackling Canada’s worsening opioid crisis as opposed to using resources going after less harmful substances such as shrooms. This doesn’t mean that magic mushroom dispensaries are above or immune to the law, but means it’s very rare that they ever face any legal repercussions from their operations.

Because of this, magic mushroom dispensaries can quite easily operate online. In fact, it’s easier to operate online than it is in a physical store, as the chances of it being traced back to any individuals are far less.

This, alongside the growing push for the legalization of magic mushrooms (at least medicinally), have meant that online shrooms stores have been popping up left, right, and center over the past few years.

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Are Mushroom grow kits legal in Canada?

Technically, yes! The spores and kits required to grow magic mushrooms are not legal; they only become legal once they have grown into psychedelic mushrooms containing psilocybin. Spores and grow kits are sold all over Canada, both online and in physical stores.

If you’re paranoid about buying magic mushrooms online, spores/grow products are the best way to go. As they’re legal, there’s no potential for prosecution for buying them, and once they’re in the safety of your own home, it’s highly unlikely anybody would ever know about their existence.

Where to Buy Mushrooms?

You could go to your local dealer and get an unknown bag of mushrooms… or you could buy shrooms online from the comfort of your own home and have them delivered quickly and discreetly to your door in a matter of days. We know which option is the more preferable of the two!

The best place to buy magic mushrooms online in Canada these days is online. Orders placed online mean you can comfortably browse shrooms in a range of strains and at different price points without feeling intimidated by the choice. Many stores offer free shipping, and allow you to receive mushrooms completely discreetly.

Recreational Vs. Medicinal Mushrooms

People use magic mushrooms for a variety of reasons. Magic mushrooms have been at the forefront of legalization conversations for many years in Canada due to their cited helpfulness in alleviating symptoms for those experiencing mental health issues.

Beyond this, they are a non-harmful substance that allows users to reflect upon themselves and ultimately make better choices in life to grow as a person. Anyone who has experimented with shrooms before will tell you that it hugely improved their outlook on life.

For this reason, there are places to buy shrooms online that specialize in medicinal mushrooms, and those specializing in recreational shrooms.


Those looking for magic mushrooms in the format of microdosing are likely doing so for medicinal purposes. While some people do take a regular dosage of mushrooms to help with their medical problems, many prefer to microdose as it allows them to go about their regular daily life without having the interference of hallucinations.

Some dispensaries, such as Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary, specialize exclusively in microdosing. If it’s microdosed shrooms you’re after for medical reasons, this is probably the best place to go, as they tailor the experience to you as a patient.

Microdosed shroom products can be bought from recreational dispensaries, too, though the dosing will simply not be as customized to you as an individual. With this in mind, it’s better to buy shrooms for microdosing from recreational dispensaries if you’re looking to microdose for creativity and productivity, rather than as a medicinal treatment.

Online Dispensaries

There are an array of online dispensaries out there to choose from. As previously mentioned, they often have different specialties, so you may want to evaluate those before choosing one.

Besides dispensaries that specialize in mushrooms, you can also place orders for mushroom products from many online marijuana dispensaries. They typically offer shrooms products slightly cheaper than many shrooms dispensaries do, though this is usually because the attention to quality is not as great. After all, they’re focused on weed, and shrooms are simply supplemental.

If you’re looking to dive deeper into experimenting with psychedelics, you’re best off buying mushrooms online in Canada from a reputable dispensary such as Shrooms247.

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Benefits of Buying Mushrooms Online in Canada

Canada mushroom sales have increased massively in recent years thanks to the ability to buy shrooms online. Buying shrooms online has many benefits and basically no negatives. You’ll never go back to a dealer again after reading this!

Order From Home

Having your orders of shrooms delivered straight to your door is undoubtedly the greatest benefit of all. Once you’ve bought your shrooms, they get delivered to you quickly and securely through Canada Post. This means you can track their arrival, and can also guarantee they’ll turn up as there’s no dodgy couriers involved!

Free Shipping

At Shrooms247, we offer free shipping on orders of over $199. This is to reward our customers who are loyal and buy bulk orders from us because they love our shrooms so much!

Some stores may offer free shipping on orders of a lesser value, though do so because they use a cheap courier, which runs the risk of your products getting lost in the post or being untrackable.


Shipping shrooms to you, rather than going out to buy them, simply streamlines the whole process. It means you can easily get your fix without having to ‘buy magic mushrooms’ to your endless to-do list while working from home in this difficult time.

Quality and Variety

The quality of magic mushrooms you’ll find online in Canada is undoubtedly far better than that from anywhere physical.

Online dispensaries specifically curate their mushrooms to be the most premium available, and their anonymity through the online sphere means they’re able to grow large quantities of different magic mushroom strains.


Not sure how to order magic mushrooms? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out.

  1. Browse magic mushroom products. Look through the different strains and types of products available (edibles, dried magic mushroom, etc.) and see what matches your preferences.
  2. Place products in the cart. The beauty when you buy magic mushrooms online is that you can instantaneously add or remove products in the cart without feeling any pressure.
  3. Checkout! Once you’re done browsing, simply checkout. Don’t forget there’s free shipping on orders over $199, so it might be best to stock up on mushroom products.
  4. Struggling? Get in touch! If you’re struggling on how to buy mushroom in Canada, feel free to drop us a line regarding any queries you have. Whether that’s shipping, products available, or simply how to buy magic mushrooms, we’ll answer any and all questions quickly and professionally. Simply sign up with your email address on your website to access our contact information.

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