Buy Shrooms Online

Buying shrooms online in Canada is now super easy; much like buying marijuana online is now a breeze. Magic mushrooms of any kind are officially still illegal in the country, though shrooms dispensaries operate in a legal ‘gray area,’ similar to many online marijuana dispensaries.

Because of this, you can still easily access shrooms from the internet without having to worry about any legal implications. Shrooms have been known to have powerful hallucinogenic side effects for those taking a full dosage, and more mellow benefits for those microdosing them. As more and more information comes to light about the benefits of taking magic mushrooms, now is a better time than ever to get in on the craze and jump into the world of ordering mushrooms in Canada online.

Where to Buy Shrooms Online

To buy shrooms online is easier now than ever before. Multiple shroom dispensaries are popping up online where you can buy the magic mushroom in Canada, meaning you don’t have to worry about sourcing them from a dodgy dealer.

The best place to buy shrooms from nowadays is from an online Canadian dispensary that only exclusively sells magic mushrooms. These dispensaries typically feature the highest quality shrooms products available, as they’re not only experts at growing and selling them but also test them thoroughly to ensure their safety. They’re mail order shrooms, meaning they’ll discreetly arrive in the post just like regular packages you get delivered to your home.

When buying mushrooms online, you’ll find that most dispensaries typically sell them from 3.5 grams up to 28 grams (though a few select websites will also sell 1gram). The price range typically starts around $30 for 3.5 grams and can go up hugely depending on the strain you opt for.

In recent times, many ‘gray area’ marijuana dispensaries have also started selling shrooms on their websites. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to buy from these stores, but just be wary that you’ll find the highest quality shrooms with the best customer service experience tailored to magic mushrooms online from the shroom-exclusive dispensaries.

Here’s some things to remember when buying shrooms online:

  • Buying shrooms online is secure and safe so long as you use a legit dispensary
  • Mail order shrooms come in discreet packaging
  • You’ll find higher quality shrooms from shroom-exclusive stores
  • Customer service surrounding shrooms specifically is likely to be better from shroom-exclusive stores

Magic Mushrooms Dispensary

Magic Mushrooms Dispensary is great for those looking to buy only a small amount of shrooms, as they offer as low as 1 gram. Our prices typically start around $7 per gram (less expensive than competition) and we also offer free express shipping when you buy $199 worth of products.