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If you’re in Canada, you can now buy shrooms – short for the better known ‘magic mushrooms’ – online! With a huge range of products on offer, each offering different benefits, here’s why you ought to dive headfirst into buying your psilocybin mushrooms online.

Benefits of Shrooms

Never tried shrooms before? Done them once when you were a risky teenager but ‘didn’t feel anything’? No worries – we were all beginners once.

Here’s why shrooms are the best, and how you can make the most of them.

Creativity and New Mindsets

For people taking shrooms recreationally, one of the most commonly cited benefits is the way they alter your perception.

A magic mushroom trip might be fun and a cool story to tell your friends, but it’s so much more than that. Magic mushrooms are really powerful tools for unlocking different aspects of your mind and personality that you had previously not confronted.

They make you much more open and understanding of the world around you, sometimes drastically shifting your perspective of the world around you.

If you’re pretty happy with your outlook on life and your personality as is, then perhaps try a different, non-psychedelic drug.

Ego and Creativity

Fundamentally, psychedelics such as shrooms unlock new methods of thinking by forcing you to confront your ego. They completely remove any sense of ego, therefore allowing you to explore things without any preconceived notion of what they are or what they mean.

Because of this, most people get more creative – both during the trip and after it. Many artists and creators have cited psychedelics – shrooms especially – as being a massive help in their journey to creating better art.

The Beatles and Steve Jobs are just two examples – both became much more creative and started to think ‘more outside the box’, ultimately creating their best works, after they started experimenting with psychedelic mushrooms and LSD.


Nowadays, many people have taken to microdosing, especially in Silicon Valley where a large majority of tech companies are based.

These users say that microdosing shrooms gives them the creative edge to do their best work on a regular day, without succumbing to the bodily effects of shrooms or experiencing any hallucinogenic properties.

Basically, they can go about their day as normal – cycling to work, creating new tech stuff – without being ‘under the influence’.

So, if you’re looking into self-improvement and want to become more productive and more creative, psychedelic mushrooms are definitely the way to go!

Tackling Mental Health Problems

If you’re suffering from mental health problems, magic mushrooms might provide some strong relief and offer a way to recovery.

Psilocybin, the psychoactive compound found in magic mushrooms which makes them ‘magic, has been studied for a while now to see its effects on the human brain.

It turns out that magic mushrooms are pretty helpful in treating a range of mental health disorders, as researchers have recently discovered.


The most well-studied aspect of shrooms helping with mental health disorders is how it helps those suffering with depression.

The Beckley Foundation, among other universities and organizations, has found that psilocybin mushrooms help to treat even those cases of depression that were previously ‘incurable’ – i.e., resistant to any form of treatment.

Magic mushrooms help users to feel uplifted and happier, less worried, and more secure in themselves. They can also help massively to confront trauma that has previously been repressed.

Both of these things help massively in taking steps towards curing depression – especially if you dislike or find that traditional antidepressants don’t work for you.

See your doctor or refer to the Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary to buy shrooms online from a trusted retailer who knows how to dose them properly.


As well as helping with depression, you can also buy shrooms online to assist with addictions.

There’s been studies that prove magic mushrooms help users to quit smoking tobacco, as well as staying non-smoking for a long time afterwards (i.e. not relapsing).

It can also apparently help with alcohol dependence, and studies have shown that people who take psilocybin mushrooms reduce heavy drinking significantly.

There are currently ongoing studies to see whether magic mushrooms can help people overcome opioid addictions, and given that they work with both alcohol and tobacco, it seems likely that they will help in that arena too. 

Buy Magic Mushrooms Online

We only covered a few benefits of taking magic mushrooms above, but hopefully they’re enough to get you enticed! Read on to find out how you can get your shrooms fix when you buy magic mushrooms online.

Can I buy Magic Mushrooms Online?

Yes! If you’re in Canada, it’s now super easy to access shrooms online.

No more foraging desperately in the forests, wondering whether you’ve picked a poisonous mushroom or a magic mushroom, or not finding any at all because it’s the wrong season.

And no more meeting up in shady places in the freezing cold just to get a handful of shriveled, disappointing psychedelic mushrooms from the local dealer that probably won’t kick in.

You can now buy magic mushrooms online, from any device you like, and have them shipped to your home in a matter of days. How cool!

Is it legal to buy magic mushrooms?

Technically, no. Psilocybin is a schedule 3 drug in Canada, meaning it’s illegal to possess and distribute it.

Despite this, it’s fairly low down in the scheduling, and has also been largely accepted as a non-harmful substance.

Therefore, along with illegally operating marijuana dispensaries, law enforcement have admitted in many provinces of Canada that they don’t regulate the sale of magic mushrooms online because there are bigger things to deal with.

So, even if it’s not legal, you can still safely and securely buy shrooms online without facing any form of legal issues.

How to find Magic Mushrooms Online

So now you know you can buy magic mushrooms online pretty easily, how do you get your hands on them?

Well, if you simply google ‘magic mushrooms Canada’ or something similar, you’ll probably get a few decent hits from one or two online dispensary businesses.

But these aren’t always the most reputable or trustworthy places, so you’re better off going somewhere tried and tested. Here’s a few of the most well renowned dispensaries to buy shrooms from, as well as how to spot a good dispensary from a bad one.

Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary

MMD was started by Dana Larsen, a famous Canadian activist for the legalization of both marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms. The reason for his campaigning is that he believes they are medicines, and should be legalized so that people have broader and safer access to their benefits.

The first thing to note is that they usually don’t sell straight up dried shrooms in vast quantities. Instead, they offer microdosing capsules, which are tailored to each individual.

The second thing to keep in mind is that you should only be using this store if you need access to psilocybin mushrooms for medicinal purposes. MMD requires you to become a member of their website, not only by providing the usual email address and password, but by proving you have a diagnosis/prescription of some sort that requires you to take magic mushrooms.

Their capsules are made from incredibly high quality shrooms grown in British Columbia. Most are the ‘golden teacher’ strain. Each customer is given a customized dosage, amount, and length of prescription based on their individual needs.


ShroomBros are pretty famous for their bold branding, which features Mario and Luigi type characters and bold pink text.

They offer a wide variety of shrooms strains, and ship pretty much across the whole of Canada. It’s unclear where they’re from or where their product is from, but it has mostly positive reviews.

As well as a lot of strains which come at a variety of weights, they also offer shroom edibles in the form of chocolate, and a couple microdosing options (one for sleep, one for energy, etc.). The effectiveness of these isn’t well documented but they appear to be pretty popular among those who buy shrooms online.


Another favorite of the community who get their magic mushrooms online, BlueGoba has been around for a while.

They sell a few different strains, mostly at the fixed weight of 14 grams. Naturally, some are cheaper than others, depending on their potency and rarity.

They also stock various chocolate edibles and gummies, as well as capsules and a few strains of ground mushroom. Ground mushroom is best for those wanting to make tea or other mushroom-infused things to consume.

The website is pretty basic and you don’t get much choice with things such as weight, but overall they’re renowned for having very high quality mushroom products and offering free shipping over $150.

What to look out for: psilocybin mushrooms scams

Unfortunately, because it’s not yet fully legal to buy psilocybin mushrooms online, there have been a few instances of scams when it comes to online dispensary businesses.

The first thing to look for when deciding on a shrooms online dispensary is reviews. If there are good and believable reviews, either on Google or on sites like Reddit, then it’s highly likely it’s a legit dispensary.

If the only reviews you can find are on the website itself, and especially if they’re being lauded as marketing, then start to be suspicious. It’s super easy to fake reviews on your own website!

Another thing to make sure you’re buying from a legit online magic mushroom business is a secure method of payment. Usually, pretty much all dispensaries will use Interac E-Transfer as the payment method, as it’s highly encrypted and therefore doesn’t leave a paper trace.

The final thing, if you’re especially unsure of the safety of getting psilocybin, is that you can always buy shrooms from a marijuana dispensary.

There’s a lot of online marijuana dispensaries which are far more well documented as being safe and secure and have a longstanding customer base that also sell some psilocybin mushrooms. They aren’t always as superior quality as those from dedicated shrooms dispensaries, but they’re pretty high quality nonetheless.

Benefits of buying shrooms online in Canada

So now you know why mushrooms are so beneficial and how to get them without being ripped off, but why buy online instead of forage or get them from a dealer?

If you weren’t convinced already, here’s a few solid reasons to get your shrooms online.


Unlike foraging or buying from your dealer, the internet holds a wealth of potential when it comes to the mushroom products available.

No longer do you have to suffer from boring old dried mushrooms or struggle to make your own edibles without burning the house down. Online dispensaries offer all of this and more!

Usually, on an online mushroom store in Canada, you’ll find that there are a huge number of products. These include multiple strains of dried mushroom, various edibles (usually chocolates or psilocybin gummies), ground mushrooms, a variety of microdose capsules, and more.

You won’t find these products anywhere else!


When you’re foraging for magic mushrooms, you get what you can find. It’s also incredibly hard to check if the mushrooms you’ve picked are actually psilocybin mushrooms, or if they’re actually poisonous/non-psychedelic mushrooms.

When you buy online, not only can you pick strains, but you can also pick species (sometimes). There are a couple different species of mushroom, and within this, there’s loads of different strains.

Each will make you trip, but they have very different chemical makeups, which means they each have very different psychedelic effects. Some will be more visuals heavy, for instance, while others are more conducive to having spiritual experiences and confronting your ego.

It also means you get access to mushroom strains that you might have wanted to try for a long time due to their reported effects, but wouldn’t normally have access to as they don’t grow in the climate you live in.

Once you’ve tripped using psilocybin mushrooms a few times and you get comfortable with it, experimenting with strains can be a great way to mix it up and explore a little more.


Getting psilocybin mushrooms has never been so easy!

As we mentioned before, foraging can be kinda taxing. If you live far away from any natural spaces, you live in an especially harsh climate, or you just don’t really have the time/equipment to be out in the forest looking for a magic mushroom in the grass, it’s really hard to find them.

There’s also a lot of cases of people accidentally consuming poisonous shrooms as they’ve misidentified them.

You can order magic mushrooms online the same as you’d order your clothes and study supplies. It takes barely any time, and you can do it from absolutely anywhere on any device.

You also no longer have to worry about trying to make your own edibles or crushing your own psilocybin mushrooms into small enough doses for microdosing.


If you think psilocybin mushrooms could help you as a medicinal tool, the best place to find high quality shrooms is online. Canada is a great place to buy shrooms for medicine, as you won’t encounter any legal problems and you can get a big batch of solid products to your door in a matter of days.

Free Shipping

Just like most ecommerce stores, the magic mushroom businesses usually offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount!

For some businesses this is $99, for others $150, and for some even $199. It just depends. If you’re chasing that free shipping game, be sure to create an account with a few dispensaries and keep an eye on your emails to see if they send you any free shipping codes at certain times of the year.

How to Order

Whether you’re in British Columbia or the rest of Canada, getting shrooms products delivered to your front door has never been easier.

Settle on a store selling psilocybin mushrooms, then browse their products. You probably won’t want to order a large weight of shrooms if it’s your first time or you’re a beginner, but if you’re a veteran, go ahead and load up on larger amounts of products.

Once you’ve chosen your psilocybin products, put the products in the cart. You’ll have to login usually, then go through the checkout.

You’ll fill out your name, email, and shipping information. If you have any free shipping or discount codes, you’ll insert them here. Then, you’ll usually be instructed on how to complete the payment through Interac E-Transfer (if that’s the payment method they like).

And there you go! Look out for a confirmation email or text once you’ve completed the transfer, then simply sit back and relax as you wait for your shrooms to arrive. Usually this takes around 3-5 days, and most services use Canada Post, so they’ll arrive at the same time as the rest of your regular mail.

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