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Interested in psychedelics after that Netflix documentary about tripping got you thinking during lockdown? Join the club. Whether you’re taking your first toe-dip into the world of magic mushrooms or you’re a seasoned shrooms connoisseur, here’s a guide to buying the best psilocybin mushrooms in Canada.

Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms are widely known for their ‘trippy’ associations, though most people know little about their actual makeup and benefits.

What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is a chemical that naturally occurs in over 200 mushroom species. Any mushroom containing psilocybin is what is commonly known as ‘magic mushrooms‘. The chemical causes a hallucinogenic response in users, which is why they’re known as ‘magic’. Crazy, right?

Medical Benefits

Magic mushrooms have long been used, both in Canada and worldwide, as a treatment for mental health problems. It’s been cited that shrooms aid with depression, anxiety, and a whole host of other mental disorders.

Shrooms don’t have the same medicinal potential as marijuana, which can aid with pain management and has even been known to shrink tumors in cancer patients. Magic mushrooms’ only help medically insofar as helping to relieve the symptoms of mental health problems.

This doesn’t discredit them, however, as they are gaining traction in the world of therapy research, where they are largely hailed as being some of the best medicine available for those experiencing stress and anxiety.

Typically, those taking magic mushrooms for medicinal purposes will take them in the form of a microdose, which allows them to reap the positive mental clarity gifted by shrooms without any of the psychedelic effects. This allows users to feel uplifted and happy as it gives them a different outlook on life while still going about their day as normal.

Recreational Benefits

Most people take shrooms recreationally to experience the traditional ‘trips’ associated with psychedelic substances. Magic mushrooms, similar to other hallucinogenics, have huge benefits for many people as it strips away their sense of ego and allows them to take a deep-dive into themselves.

In this sense, shrooms aren’t just a fun party trick, but can really help people to change themselves. This leads to increases in creativity, shifting your mindset, being better at problem solving, etc.

It’s been reported previously that Steve Jobs wouldn’t hire or work with anybody who hadn’t taken hallucinogens, as he really believed them to be a portal into a higher state of mind that can only be experienced from the reduction of ego resulting from taking magic mushrooms (or similar substances). Interesting!

Types of Magic Mushrooms

When you’re first exploring how to buy magic mushrooms online in Canada, it can seem a little daunting. This is largely due to the array of types, weights, and forms of shrooms products available for purchase. Not to worry- here’s a short guide into the types of psilocybin shrooms out there available to buy online in Canada.


Here at Shrooms247, we stock 9 different strains of shrooms. Similar to marijuana, each strain simply has a different chemical makeup, meaning it will have slightly different effects on you. Most vary in potency as well as taste.

The most common strains of psilocybin mushroom are Psilocybe Cubensis and Golden Teacher, both of which are popular due to the fact they either grow in lots of places around the world or are easy to cultivate indoors.

If you’re a first-timer or have never dipped your toe into the world of strains when buying magic mushroom products previously, feel free to contact us before placing any orders. We’d be more than happy to walk you through the strains that we think best match the experience you’re seeking from your trip.

Magic Mushroom Products

When people think of shrooms, they typically think of the dried mushroom itself. While this is still the most popular method of taking psilocybin mushrooms, there are pre-made edible products available as well (especially for those who hate the taste of dried shrooms).

This is perfect for those who either aren’t exactly sure what to do with dried shrooms, or hate the taste of psilocybin mushrooms- as many people do.

Shrooms247 also sells a variety of microdosing products if you’re looking to reap the mental benefits of taking shrooms without tripping.

All orders, regardless of the type of products you buy, carry a $15 shipping charge. Despite this, shipping on orders of $199+ are checked out with free shipping. All orders use Canada Post for shipping, so you can get your parcel safely, securely, and discreetly in no time.

Price Points

When you buy shrooms online in Canada, you’ll notice that they come in quite a range of price points.

The price of psilocybin mushrooms when you buy magic mushrooms online in Canada varies so heavily due to the weight and grade of the shrooms you’re buying. At Shrooms247, we start at 1gram, meaning you can get your hands on some rated 5.00 out of 5 shrooms for only $10.

We go up to 28 grams, which in our most expensive strains, is $249. So whether you’re a newbie when it comes to buying shrooms online, or you buy shrooms online all the time, there’s suitable for everybody at a range of price points.

Our edibles are typically $30-45 each, though each contain multiple servings.

Don’t forget to factor in shipping, and whether or not you’ll qualify for the free shipping on orders of over $199+, into your shrooms budget!

How to Buy Magic Mushrooms Online

Buying shrooms online in Canada isn’t as difficult as it seems. We’ll walk you through the process to make it a little less daunting.

Where to Buy Shrooms Online in Canada

Buying shrooms online in Canada is easy these days, given that they operate in a ‘legal gray area’, which allows them to be bought and sold without any legal consequences.

There are medicinal shrooms dispensaries, which often sell microdosing shrooms and require a membership. This is to provide access to magic mushrooms for people suffering from mental health issues that feel using shrooms could help them significantly. If you’re looking for a tailored dosage experience, you’re best going to a medicinal dispensary.

Recreational dispensaries are widely available these days. Shrooms247 is arguably the best online dispensary, as we have a huge selection of shrooms strains at a variety of weights and prices. This means we accommodate everybody!

No matter what type of trip you’re looking for, we got your back with the best shrooms in the game (rated 5.00 out of 5!), as well as a variety of products outside of the norm offered by shroom dispensaries. We also offer free shipping on orders of over $199, making it a solid investment if you’re a frequent buyer of our products!

Our shrooms are carefully grown and curated in our British Columbia store, making each one a solid rated 5.00 out of 5 quality. All other products are carefully vetted before being added to our store, ensuring you get only the very best experience from your magic mushrooms.


Buying shrooms online is way easier than trying to find a dealer, or even worse, foraging for them yourself.

  1. Browse products. Consider what it is you’re looking for exactly- what type of trip do you want, and how hard do you wanna trip? This weighs in heavily as to what type of products you’ll go for.
  2. Add them to the cart. Just the same as you would with any other online shopping experience.
  3. See if you qualify for free shipping. If your order comes to under $199, shipping will be $15.
  4. Checkout. At the checkout, you must register your details with us. Once this has been processed, you will be sent instructions on how to do an e-transfer to us. This is simply the easiest, most secure and discreet way for us to process orders.
  5. Await your package. Once you’ve ordered, all you have to do is wait for your package to be delivered by Canada Post. All orders are shipped with plain packaging, making them super discreet. They’re also fully trackable using Canada Post’s online tracking services, so you know exactly where your order is at all stages of its journey.
  6. Trip! Your order will be delivered straight to your address of choice, so you can get to taking your shrooms as soon as possible. Happy tripping!

Final Thoughts

Buying mushrooms online in Canada is easier than it ever has been. You can now easily access rated 5.00 out of 5 shrooms from the comfort of your own home, without having to jump through the hoops of going onto the dark web, finding a flaky dealer, or going awkwardly foraging in the forest for your own.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us- once you sign up, you’ll receive access to our email address.

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