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Psilocybin Canada Online

Interested in psychedelics after that Netflix documentary about tripping got you thinking during lockdown? Join the club. Whether you’re taking your first toe-dip into the world of magic mushrooms or you’re a seasoned shrooms connoisseur, here’s a guide to buying the best psilocybin mushrooms in Canada. Magic Mushrooms Magic Mushrooms are widely known for their […]

Buy Shrooms Canada

Buying magic mushrooms online is easier than it’s ever been. If you’re getting tired of texting every dealer in your contacts to see if they have a hookup for psychedelic mushrooms, it’s time to get your fix online. With more choice, stellar customer service, and shipping straight to your door through trackable Canada Post, you’ll […]

Magic Mushrooms Canada

Whether you’re just dipping your toe into the world of psychedelics or you’re a seasoned shroomer, sourcing magic mushrooms in Canada can often seem like an arduous mission. The laws around the humble magic mushroom are sometimes difficult to decipher, meaning finding somewhere to by them is difficult or seemingly sketchy. So, that’s why we’re […]