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Shroom Truffles are often referred to as Magic Mushroom Truffles.

Differences between Magic Truffles and Mushrooms

The mushroom truffle typically has a slightly shorter ‘high’ time than magic mushrooms, though is still a great option for those looking to experience psychedelic substances. They usually come in boxes that are labelled with information about their strength and how many you should take according to this.

Are Magic Truffles Legal in Canada?

While magic truffles rose to popularity in 2008 following the Dutch outlawing of magic mushrooms, but excluded truffles from this law, they are unfortunately still illegal in Canada given that they contain the same chemical compounds as magic mushrooms- psilocybin.

Despite them being illegal in Canada, you can still access them online much like you can with traditional magic mushrooms. They aren’t particularly widely available, and they usually ship from Europe. Sometimes you’ll also find that you have to grow them yourself, as shipping the actual truffles themselves is more legally questionable than shipping the grow-it-yourself packs.

Where to Buy Magic Truffles

Websites such as are great for those looking to go deeper into the world of magic mushrooms and give truffles a go. Do be warned, however, that there is the possibility the package won’t clear it through Canadian customs as it ships from Europe.

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